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Sports cars are always attractive in terms of physical, parts, and accessories. Sports cars usually have short physical properties so they can increase speed. Although short, sports car accessories are usually very sophisticated so the price is expensive. Only people with high finance can afford a sports car hobby. Not only owning, can even make buying and selling so that it generates a lot of profits. Cars sold must be in a prime condition so as not to disappoint buyers. One of them is doing a 0-60 times test so that the acceleration is tested fast or not.


Sports cars have expensive treatments and must be very careful. This is already very much realized by sports car lovers, so they will not hesitate to spend a lot of money to care for sports cars. Among the series of sports car maintenance, here are a few steps to maintain a sports car to stay in good condition:

- Change oil regularly
Oil is one that has an important role for any kind of vehicle, including sports cars. Sports cars generally have to be replaced every 6 months. The purpose of a regular oil change is to maintain maximum engine performance, because if the oil is not replaced more than 6 months, then the engine will usually be rough and later damaged quickly.

- Control the security system
Every vehicle has a certain security system because it is important to keep us from theft or accidents. Sports cars usually have sophisticated security systems comparable to the price given. Because, with high prices, producers do not want to disappoint buyers. Sports car security systems are slightly different from ordinary cars. Sports cars are usually equipped with Dynamic Stability Control, Antilock Braking System, and Active Stability Control.

- Check car components regularly
In general, the components used by expensive cars are so sensitive that they tend to be damaged, especially in network and brake systems. The purpose of replacing the brake is to ensure the system functions properly and minimizes accidents.