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The 2018 Asian Games will be held in Indonesia and will be held in two different places, namely Jakarta and Palembang. To see the extent of preparation in Palembang, then you can visit game bola. there are various venues that have been carefully prepared there.

Some another venues prepared for Asian Games 2018 are

- JSC Lake
The sport that will be held here is a company that has a relationship with water, such as canoe, rowling, and triathlon. This Venue will be a quite busy venue because there are three sports that use this venue.

- JSC Roller Sports Stadium
This Venue will hold two branches, namely roller skate, and skateboarding. This Venue is also one of the nine venues at Jakabaring Sports City that will be used for the 2018 Asian Games.

- JSC Ranau Hall
This JSC Ranau Hall will be used for the sepak takraw sports branch. The implementation itself will take place from September 19 to 2018. One of the venues is quite busy.