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In the process of planting in a pot, it cannot be careless and careless because it needs good handling if you want good results and plants can thrive. In the meantime, you can also check out ramos de flores for high-quality flowers.

Here's the process:

Use a pot that is in accordance with the type of plant that you will plant in the pot.

Also, consider where the placement of the pot will be placed so that it is more balanced with the atmosphere and location.

When choosing a pot, make sure that the holes in the circulation are already there or not. The holes in the bottom of this pot will later function to remove water when too much water is obtained so that the plant is not submerged by water which can affect the growth of the plant itself.

Add the planting medium to the pot about 1/3 of the total pot.

After that, you can add the plants you want to the pot. Make sure the plant is right in the middle to make it look neater.

Add the planting medium again into the pot to cover the roots of the plant. Hold the plant while you insert the planting medium with one hand so it doesn't slide. Do not be too full to insert the planting medium so that when watering the water does not overflow everywhere.

Leave space approximately 2 to 5 centimeters.

After entering the planting medium, you can gently press the planting medium so that the plant can stand fully.

Place the plant in a place with enough air circulation and a good supply of sun so that plants can grow well too.