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Maintain healthy hair not only by choosing the right type of shampoo and applying the correct shampoo method. Just like skin, hair also requires nutrients from food to stay healthy, strong and shiny. If your hair is damaged, dull, and unhealthy, you may need to go back to check what foods you consume. Because, not all foods are good for hair health, especially when consumed in excess. What are these foods? Before that, visit our website to find out the best Hairstyles for Black Women.

Some foods that you often consume may make your hair unhealthy. Hair becomes dry, falls out, breaks easily, and so on. To prevent and overcome a bad hair condition at the same time, you can reduce or avoid foods like the following:

1. Foods with a high glycemic index

Many sweet foods with a high glycemic index that you unknowingly make damaged hair. For example, candy, white rice, pasta, white bread, margarine, or cake. These foods can cause blood sugar to soar. When the body processes sugar from food, the hormone insulin will respond to increased glucose. This condition causes androgen levels to increase and eventually affects the glandular sac (follicles) on the scalp. The increase in androgen levels makes the hair follicles shrink. This then causes the hair to fall out easily and gradually thins.

2. Foods high in animal protein

If you are on a keto diet and find your hair damaged, this can be the cause. The animal protein contained in meat is important for strengthening hair and thickening hair, as long as it suits your needs and is not excessive. If the amount is too much, it will make your hair less healthy. Instead, do a variety of your diet with high-fiber foods, such as broccoli, spinach, tofu, or wheat which also contains amino acids that make keratin ? the main substance forming hair.

3. Fish with high mercury

Some types of fish do contain omega 3 fatty acids which help prevent inflammation and promote hair growth. However, some types of marine fish have been contaminated with mercury. Mercury can be toxic to hair health and cause hair loss. Fish that usually contain high levels of mercury are usually mackerel and tuna, while foods that are low in mercury are salmon.