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If you are learning a foreign language, of course, what you have to learn is also the language vocabulary. In fact, there are some people who are now learn arabic english to be able to improve their ability to communicate in two languages at once.

Learning vocabulary is sometimes difficult, however, there are several ways you can do to study it and remember it easily.

1. Create a foreign language environment in yourself
Like it or not, the environment is one aspect that can affect us in many ways. In speaking, we are influenced by our environment from birth like the voice of mother and father. You who are learning a foreign language certainly agree that you need an environment that can accelerate your language learning.

2. Watch foreign films without subtitles
when watching a movie, you can all practice learning to translate dialogue in movies. It's not why you don't know the whole meaning of the film. Over time, the more often you practice translating, the more often you get used to watching movies without subtitles.