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For a long time, of course, there have been many movie titles that you can watch. However, some of these films may not meet your standards and only make you feel disappointed. hence, the presence of quality films will certainly be highly anticipated by many people. Cinema is certainly the right place to watch the movie you want. You can check the ticket price at AMC ticket prices.

To determine which film you will watch, it will be very good if you pay attention to some of the criteria for this quality film.

1. Interesting ideas and plot stories
Before you watch a movie, first look at the story behind the film, you can look at the film site or read the Tagline from the film. Generally, quality films have ideas that are fresh and have never been raised before at the same time, examples of films with new stories are Inception, or Francois like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Terminator, Toy Story and Ice Age.

2. narration and ending
Most films generally use linear narratives that tend to be monotonous. Opponents of this narrative are Non-Linear. Non-linear narratives have the characteristics of a jumping storyline and sometimes even the beginning of a film is the end of the film itself. Of course, this must be supported by interesting story ideas and plots. Examples of quality non-linear films are Memento, The Prestige and 500 Days of summer.
Besides good narratives, most films that don't end with the Happy ending are also good, for example, The Myth and The Dark Knight and 50 First Kiss. In addition, films that give unexpected ending are generally good movies like Sixth Sense.

3. Strong actors and characters
No matter how good the idea of ?a story and the effect that is displayed, without the actor who animates his role will make the film destroyed. An example of an actor who truly animates his character is Leonardo in Caprio (Inception), and Jhony Deep (Pirate of Carribean).