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You are often exposed to air pollution whether from the number of vehicle fumes or other pollution, would be very good for you if you consume the right vitamin to my body. Due to the amount of pollution present in the air today, it would be great if you also use an electric scooter singapore in an effort to help reduce the pollution and dust that you can breathe on a daily basis.

The existence of an electric vehicle is very helpful for those who want to get fresh air because the vehicle does not produce pollution or dust and smoke that is very annoying for every person. For you who every day breathe the dirty air through the smoke of the vehicle, then you must consume some of these vitamins.

Proper vitamins are vitamin B complex that proved to provide benefits in the form of prevention against cell fatigue, reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce stress, and stimulate the immune system. This was demonstrated by the provision of vitamin B complex in respondents with high exposure of PM2.5 paste for one month. Vitamin B complex given is vitamin B6, B9, and B12 in high enough doses. The result is a reduction in the impact on DNA cell damage to be lower in the respondents who consume vitamin B complex than the group who did not receive the vitamin.

Then, where do you get the intake of vitamin B complex?

These vitamins can be obtained from supplements or fresh food. However, fresh foods will absorb the maximum of these vitamins. You can get it from dark green leafy vegetables, low-fat red meat, peanuts or processed eggs.
Try to always consume food sources of vitamin B complex in the right portion, as part of the main food consumption or snack so that your body can remain protected from the dangers of exposure to air pollution.